The DEFINITIVE course on Speed Reading. All techniques+hacks

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The DEFINITIVE course on Speed Reading. All techniques+hacks

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طلب كورس

The DEFINITIVE course on Speed Reading. All techniques+hacks

Forget speed reading, learn how to SUPER READ and you’ll be consuming information faster than anyone you know.

4.6 (255 ratings)

3,598 students enrolled
Created by Matt Wong
Last updated 12/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn all the classic speed reading methods taught by other courses.
  • Hack your reading speed with technology and watch your speed double!

  • Learn how to speed read with less effort.

  • Study multiple degrees while working full time and still achieve high GPAs due to your fast reading speed.
  • Speed read like a speed demon. On stimulants. Only faster.
  • You will need to install either Google Chrome or Firefox but we’ll cover that inside the course.
  • You will need a notepad or Microsoft Word (or similar) to take notes – this course does not muck around.
  • You should set aside a few minutes for each exam in the course – they are important.

—- Bonus lectures added on Wednesday 9th March 2016 —-

Do you want to read faster?

Would you like to absorb new information 5x faster? 10x faster? How about 100x?

How about study multiple degrees (with a high GPA) and work full time?

What if you could complete exams twice as fast as everyone else?


This course will showcase the best methods for speed-reading used by top universities and Guinness World Record holders.

Not only that, we’ll supercharge those methods by applying the latest technology to truly make you a super-reader.

  • Learn to easily double your reading speed in less than 5 minutes. Most people do so instantly, thanks to the technology we employ.
  • Learn the classic speed reading techniques, and the technology hack to boost you even faster.
  • Learn the exact technique top university academics use to speed through huge mounds of information.
  • Learn how to fly through university and school examinations.
  • Smash the competition by becoming a SUPER-READER.

Hear what my students have to say:

‘Great pace and delivery, however the animation is amazing. Seriously one of the best courses I’ve seen. It’s very engaging!’ – Umesh

‘I was able to reach a speeding level of 750 wpm in a few days through application of the techniques presented by Matt Wong in this course. A+ speed reading course.’ –Mitchell

‘…the editing is amazing and the pace engaging. Great work!’ – Davide

‘Very organized and well presented…superbly done.’ –Moslem

‘Of the courses I’ve reviewed so far yours has demonstrated the best delivery’ – Yi-Choong

‘This is a wonderful course–very smooth presentation and great content. I almost doubled my reading speed in one day.’ –Sally

‘The video and audio are great, and the instructor certainly knows what he is talking about. I particularly liked that the instructor compared traditional methods and new methods for even faster speed reading.’ -Dr Kluge

‘Matt Wong… I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me…He [Matt] keeps you engaged and takes the loads of information in bite size form.’ -Nyk

Okay here’s the secret sauce, right up front:

All the standard ‘speed reading’ techniques are in this course. I’ve paid thousands for speed reading courses and here they all are condensed into 60 seconds.

But with the rate of information growth today, we are fighting a losing game. Even at triple the average speed (750wpm) we’re not going to be able to read everything we’d like to.

Academics know this. Entrepreneurs know this.

That’s why they don’t read like we do. They ‘super-read’.

Super Reading is a combination of:

  1. Time-tested techniques to increase general reading speed; and
  2. Advanced triage sorting systems.

Don’t read anything else until you’ve taken this course. Learn to speed-read and then super-read by enrolling in this course and start saving time today!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Udemy will refund you 100% if we don’t successfully hack your reading speed. I won’t even know that you requested a refund. How easy and anonymous is that?!

Who is the target audience?
  • Want to learn speed-reading the easy (and modern) way?
  • Want to read faster?
  • Wish you could read more in less time?
  • This is for students who need to absorb large amounts of academic material quickly. 9/The_DEFINITIVE_course_on_Speed_Reading._All_techniques+hacks.rar







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