Ryan Levesque – Ultimate Black Friday


Ryan Levesque – Ultimate Black Friday

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طلب كورس

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طلب كورس

Ryan Levesque – Ultimate Black Friday

Ryan Levesque – Ultimate Black Friday

Ryan Levesque – Ultimate Black Friday | 3.4 GB

1. ASK Method + List Building Blueprint

How to build your email list to 1,000, 10,000, and beyond

  • The counter-intuitive method I used to grow a list in the orchid niche from zero to 128,000+ email subscribers
  • How to use this system for building lists to 1,000, 10,000, and even 100,000 subscribers (and beyond)
  • The ENTIRE swipe file for a business I grew from nothing to 500,000/year (including 117 pages of email copy you can steal)
  • A PROVEN back-end strategy that allows you to monetize your list profitably (because just having a list doesn’t matter if nobody is buying)


2. Advanced Persuasion Toolkit

The 7 advanced Psychological tricks I SECRETLY use to 5x response

  • Advanced persuasion tactics that NOBODY talks about. (David Deutsch, one of the top 5 copywriters today, was so impressed that he took 5 pages of notes when I shared these with him.)
  • 2 common mistakes that accidentally antagonize your prospects (plus, how to earn their trust almost instantly)
  • The “Tidal Wave of Relief” strategy that soothes people’s fear and compels them to buy
  • 1 phrase you should NEVER use in your marketing(and 3 powerful phrases to use instead)
  • Subtle ways to naturally build hope and trust so people view you as the expert (and why you should make your prospect’s head hurt… but only a little bit)
  • How to use “expert” language that instantly commands respect (and forces people to read your copy)
  • The “Ultimate Open Loop” that keeps prospects on the edge of their seat (this tactic is “grad school level” marketing)


3. ASK Method + Launches – Big Money from Small Lists

How we generated $962k on a tiny list of 6,300 names

  • The “quick and easy” split test that increased opt-ins 89% (yes, I’ll reveal the exact copy we used and why it worked so well)
  • The key to making Facebook ads that sell like crazy
  • The step-by-step blueprint to landing pages that convert 50% or more (plus, winning headlines and images we’ve used)
  • The 2 words we added to a subject line that crushed our other open rates by a shocking 20%
  • My simple “Facebook trick” to make people read your emails (I guarantee your competition doesn’t know about this)


4. Million Dollar Scaling Model

How to go from 6 figures to 7 figures step-by-step

  • My ENTIRE 3-part formula for scaling to a million dollars and beyond. (This is the natural next step after reading the ASK book.)
  • The secret behind explosive growth in MULTIPLE businesses, no matter your industry or experience. (This is how I grew 221% in a single business, or an extra $836K in just ONE year!)
  • How to build systems for massive, predictable income… without working harder (even if you only have a tiny team).
  • The “Hidden Sweet Spot” you need to hit if you want thousands of leads (even if you’re starting from zero).
  • ACTUAL numbers you can realistically expect with your sales funnels (plus, how to quickly detect where you’re leaking prospects and make your funnel impenetrable… WITHOUT starting over from scratch).
  • The 7 critical components to a funnel that generates 15K+ leads per day. (This is KEY if you want to smash through to 7 figures or more!)
  • The “Dirty Little Secret” to managing multiple launches without burning out. (Every entrepreneur should know this.)


5. Hiring and Building Your Team

Systems and teams for a multi-million dollar business

  • How to manage your business … WITHOUT worrying about meetings, operations, or the boring “day-to-day” tasks you hate. (Surprise! The answer is NOT hiring an assistant!)
  • An exclusive peak inside my company’s operations, including the exact tools used by my 40-person team to keep things flowing smoothly.
  • My single greatest secret to 7-figure scaling (plus, how to hand off operations so YOU can focus on the things you do best)
  • How to scale big by working LESS.


6. Personal Productivity

The 10 daily changes I made that TRIPLED my income

  • Easy hacks that melt stress (plus, the diet tricks that kill fatigue and guarantee energy all day long)
  • Affordable technology that turns your business into a powerhouse (or, how I built a million dollar business with just a $450 laptop)
  • How to destroy distraction for good (so you can finish at a sane hour and enjoy dinner with your family)
  • Multitasking mistakes people don’t even know they’re making (and stop productivity dead)
  • How to simplify your life and stop feeling overwhelmed (plus, how to avoid wasting time when making decisions)


7. Recurring Revenue

How I went from ZERO to $25,000 per month in 18 months

  • The best way to capture cold traffic in a brand new market when you have NO connections and NO experience.
  • The milestones to $25K a month, from start to finish (plus, how to guarantee your first product has market appeal).
  • How to find the perfect partners to help you scale (while maintaining 100% control over your businesses).


8. Big Ticket Sales Training

How to close sales for high-end products and services

  • The complete framework for selling ANY high ticket item … with just a simple 10-minute video.
  • The EXACT scripts to funnel your prospects from start to finish. (Plus, how to quickly filter out the “tire kickers” who waste your time.)
  • How I’ve sold everything from $5K masterminds to $20K certification programs (and how we average a 41% close rate).
  • The painless process for finding great clients who can’t wait to pay you $10K or more. (They’re ALREADY hiding on your email list and you don’t know it yet!)
  • 2 screaming red flags of a bad client, and how to avoid them. (Warning: ignore these at your own risk.)
  • Why it’s actually EASIER to sell a $10K product than a $1K product… with LESS marketing, LESS work, and ONLY using the resources you already have.
  • My “secret hack” for ethically getting inside a prospect’s head and selling them on the phone and they’ll even be grateful you did this).
  • How to powerfully but subtly “turn the tables” and make your prospect sell themselves to YOU (rather than the other way around).
  • The ultimate “objection busting” question to close clients (even when your price is 5-figures).


9. Million Dollar Lifestyle Business

How I built a 7 figure consulting business with no employees

  • How to build a busy consulting business where clients chase YOU… even if you don’t have a website and nobody knows your name.
  • The easy way to double your rates, and the EXACT script to use with clients so they’ll HAPPILY pay your new fee. (This tactic ALONE skyrocketed my rate to $1,000 per hour.)
  • How to double your rates AGAIN… by cutting your workload in half.
  • The surprising reason you should NEVER immediately say “yes” to new clients. (Nobody else does this, but this strategy guaranteed I never had another “slow month” ever again!)


10. Book Funnel Formula

The “5B SYSTEM” to massively grow your business

  • The most important funnel for anyone in the advice-giving business (how to take your published works, coaching and consulting to the next level)
  • The #1 question you are asked after first writing a book (and what that means for you)
  • My Biggest Blunder that kept me off the NY TImes bestseller list (and how you can avoid it)
  • The hidden 6th “B” that ties it all together!


11. Weird Niche Membership Sites

$10k/month membership site step-by-step blueprint

  • The little known “3-Part Formula” to building $10K/month membership sites. (You can do this with just 1,000 members or less!)
  • My special “Continuity Trick” for making members addicted to hearing from you. (Hint: this trick is used by all your favorite TV shows.)
  • How to NEVER run out of great ideas for content … and your members will even want to do the heavy lifting for you!
  • The “Mental Price Ceiling” hack that lets you bypass people’s price objections (plus, the magic “sweet spot” you need to hit when it comes to pricing).
  • The exact software I use to build out membership sites from start to finish.
  • The #1 type of market that guarantees YEARS of lucrative membership versus scrambling for dollars (this strategy alone means a 6 figure payday).
  • How to upsell people from your $9.95 membership to high ticket masterclasses (do this and REALLY watch your revenue spike).
  • The dreaded “Breakage Point” that kills your profits, and how to easily avoid it. (Warning: this is counter to what many other people tell you to do.)
  • The step-by-step process to membership site launches that draw new customers 3x a year (including my “secret tricks” to upselling people on the back end).



Download Via UploadGiG

https://uploadgig.com/file/download/e81b3243644141d8/ Ultimate Black Friday.part1.rar
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/d32141A4915Afe50/ Ultimate Black Friday.part2.rar
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/11f6d39E055d7133/ Ultimate Black Friday.part3.rar
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/6B15dA93890c7412/ Ultimate Black Friday.part4.rar
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/1d61fd18af77818c/ Ultimate Black Friday.part5.rar
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/9554747e0e7f0BEA/ Ultimate Black Friday.part6.rar
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/03b0148D589a7b54/ Ultimate Black Friday.part7.rar
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