Laravel 6 Full Project Course – Job HR Management Portal


Laravel 6 Full Project Course – Job HR Management Portal

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Laravel 6 Full Project Course - Job HR Management Portal


Laravel 6 comes with so many new powerful features such as:

1. Lazy collections
2. Laravel Vapor compatibility
3. Job middleware
In this course, one topic per section, we’ll get you up to speed in no time.

This Laravel 6 tutorial follows laracast video tutorials to create the first laravel 6 video tutorial course. This laravel 6 video tutorial also contains articles, resources and recommendations that all laravel 6 video tutorial students can enjoy and gain from.

Laravel was built by Taylor Ortwell to cover all the basic needs of any web developer. If you are searching for a comprehensive laravel 6 video tutorial that covers all the core laravel 6 topics while using laravel 6 to build a full project, here is it.

In this laravel 6 video tutorial full project course, I covered all the important basic to advanced topics such as:

  1. Authentication
  2. Generation
  3. Architecture Concepts
  4. The Basics
  5. Frontend
  6. Security
  7. Digging Deeper
  8. Database
  9. Eloquent ORM
  10. Testing

    There are more detailed topics such as

    Laravel 6 Lazy Collections

    The first stop on our Laravel 6 tour is lazy collections, contributed by Joseph Silber. This is easily one of my favorite additions to Laravel 6. While a traditional Collection wraps an array, a LazyCollection leverages generators to significantly reduce memory consumption issues, while still offering the same elegant chaining that you’ve become accustomed to.

    Laravel 6 Ignition is Laravel’s Amazing New Error Page

    The new default error page in Laravel 6 is something special. Contributed by the teams behind Spatie and Beyond Code, Ignition is a gorgeous and extensible error screen.

    Laravel 6 Frontend Scaffolding Has Been Moved to Laravel UI

    When installing a fresh Laravel 6 application, you’ll notice that the login and registration scaffolding, as well as the Vue/jQuery/Bootstrap boilerplate in your app.js file have been extracted to a new Composer package: laravel/ui. This helps to clean up the default install while allowing the package to be versioned separately from the framework.

    Laravel 6 Eloquent Subquery Additions

    Laravel 6 ships with improved support for Eloquent subqueries, thanks to a few PRs from Jonathan Reinink. You may now add subqueries by using the new addSelect() method, or by passing a closure to the orderBy() and from() methods of the query builder. I’ll show you how in this lesson.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner PHP developers who wish to master how to build advanced applications
  • Beginner Laravel developers who wish to master laravel
  • Laravel developers who wish to learn laravel 6


  • Be able to build a basic website in PHP

Last updated 10/2019


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