Coding for Beginners: 2019 Learn To Code Edition


Coding for Beginners: 2019 Learn To Code Edition

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طلب كورس


Coding For Beginners!

Take your first step towards a career in software development with this introduction to Coding for beginners in Java, one of the most in-demand programming languages and the foundation of the Android operating system. Designed for beginners, this book will provide you with a basic foundation in Java syntax, which is the first step towards becoming a successful Java developer. You’ll learn how computers make decisions and how Java keeps track of information through variables and data types. You’ll learn to create conditional statements, functions, and loops to process information and solve problems. You’ll even learn to use IntelliJ, a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that professional developers use, to build, compile, and debug your code. These are fundamental programming skills, and mastering them is a must for all aspiring programmers.

This book is for you.!

You no longer have to waste your time and money trying to learn Java from boring books that are 1000 pages long, expensive Java online courses or complicated Java tutorials that just leave you more confused and frustrated.

What this book offers…
Are you looking for a deeper understanding of the Java programming so that you can write code that is clearer, more correct, more robust, and more reusable? Look no further! This Java Programming bookwas written as an answer for anyone to pick up Java Programming Language and be productive.

How is this book different?
You will be able to start from scratch without having any previous exposure to Coding. By the end of this book, you will have the skills to be a capable programmer, or at least know what is involved with how to read and write java code. Afterward you should be armed with the knowledge required to feel confident in learning more. You should have general computer skills before you get started. After this you’ll know what it takes to at least look at code without your head spinning.

What You Will Learn in This Book?

  • What This Book Is About?
  • Why Read This Book?
  • Do I Need to Know Math?
  • Programming as a Form of Expression
  • A Brief History of Computer Programming

Getting Started & Setting Programming Environment

  • What is Programming?
  • What is Data?
  • What is Compiler?
  • What is interpreter?
  • Programming Environment Setup
  • Compilation and Execution

Basic of Programming Terms

  • Tokens
  • Writing Java
  • Separator Tokens
  • Operator Tokens
  • Literals

Basic of Program

  • Basic Structure of Programs
  • The main () Method
  • Access Control
  • Packages
  • The import Keyword

Variables, Data Types and Keywords

  • Understanding Variables
  • Naming Variables
  • Types of Variables
  • Data Types
  • Value and Reference Types
  • Strong Typing
  • Understanding floating points
  • Keywords
  • Return Keyword
  • Are Errors Bad?
  • Compile Time and Run Time Errors

Methods and Operators

  • What are Functions?
  • Parameters
  • Multiple Arguments
  • Code Blocks
  • Logic and Operators

Controlling Execution,Arrays and Loops

  • Learning if else and other condition statements
  • Loops
  • Arrays

Object Oriented Programming

  • Classes
  • Introduction to Objects
  • interface
  • services
  • The hidden implementation
  • Reusing the implementation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

and Others..

  • Exception Handling in Java
  • Algorithms and the Big O Notation
  • Data Structures
  • Network Programming
  • Software Developer’s Career Guide

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