Paul Hollingshead – AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting


Paul Hollingshead – AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

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You Don’t Even Need to Be a “Writer” to Be Successful Some of the best writers in our business have no formal writing background at all.They just love to write … and they learned the proven formula for writing great letters.If you enjoy writing, you too can have this “dream” lifestyle – just by learning the few powerful secrets that make these simple letters successful.In fact, if you spend a few more minutes with me today, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this amazing, yet little-known, niche of the writing industry … where you can “retire” from the job you have now … and earn more money than most doctors, lawyers, or other well-schooled professionals.I’ll also show you how the very first letter you write can earn you $10,000 in cash – and launch you on your brand-new writing career faster than you ever thought possible! (It’s happened to many who have taken this life-changing opportunity seriously … and it can happen to you, too.)But first, it’s high time I introduced myself …  Not a Writer? No Problem … (in fact, it’s better that you’re not … ) Most people think that to be a successful writer you have to be born with a special talent … study the classics … amass a huge vocabulary … and know all the rules of English grammar, usage, etc.Baloney!To be a great copywriter, you just have to enjoy writing — and understand the simple rules that go into making strong copy.And the number one rule is: Be Yourself! In other words, don’t try to be a writer.Don’t use big words, flowery sentences, or fancy prose. Don’t try to be clever — and avoid clichés at all costs. The most successful sales letters are written in a very conversational tone — almost like you’re talking to a friend. In fact, one of the secrets you’ll learn in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is “the barstool test,” where you read something you’ve written aloud … and if it sounds like something you’d say to a friend sitting next to you — it’ll work as sales letter copy!Once you can write in a conversational tone, it’s just a matter of knowing what to say when. Of course AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting will show you everything — and it’s jam-packed with tips and techniques designed to make every paragraph you write more effective and powerful.And be sure to pay special attention to “The Architecture of Persuasion,” explanation you’ll find in Part 3 Read it and you’ll understand in an instant what great copywriting is all about.  Need $20,000? Write a Couple of Letters If most families want to go on vacation or rent a beach house, they put away a little bit from their savings all year long.But I don’t have to scrimp and save…If I know I’m going to need an extra $20,000 to, say, rent a summer beach house or take a nice vacation, I’ll merely sit down and write a couple of letters.If I want to put a new kitchen in our house (which we did recently) and need $50,000 to do it … I’ll set aside a month or so and write a couple of letters.My point is this …Once you have this skill, it’s like you’ve been granted an all-powerful gift of near “Unlimited Income.”You just decide how much you need and figure out how many letters you need to write.It’s like having a little wealth dial you can turn as high as you want!Now, if you’re with me to this point, I’m sure you’re intrigued.Let me explain to you how the business I’m in works – and why companies are so willing to pay writers like me big dollars to write a letter like this one.  $160,000 From One Letter “Copywriters” are folks who know how to do one thing and do it well: write persuasively …Whether it’s a long-form letter like this one, which tells a complete story about a wonderful opportunity…Or a few paragraphs on a website or in a personal email that convinces someone to learn more about an exciting idea …Either way, copywriters are paid very well to write them – because the best ones know the simple secrets to making a direct-response sales letter work. For that reason alone, they’re in very high demand … and are paid very well for their services.How well?It’s quite possible for a copywriter to live very nicely off just one successful letter per year.I’ve written letters that have paid me tens of thousands of dollars … simply because they mailed so successfully time after time. (One letter I wrote paid me roughly $40,000 a year for four straight years. That’s over $160,000 in income for about two weeks’ work!)Or, I may write a letter that sells the product I’m writing about exceptionally well.Recently I was paid over $114,000 – just from one letter I wrote.As you can imagine, it was quite a nice feeling to wake up and see that much money wired directly into my back account!   You Can Make Between $130,000 and $540,000 Per Year Of course, most successful copywriters don’t write just one letter a year.They write 10, 15 even 20 letters. (There’s plenty of work, don’t forget – from long letters like this one to half-page emails.)And once this very close-knit industry finds out you can write winning copy – your phone won’t stop ringing!That’s why, over the course of a year, you can easily earn anywhere from $30,000 to $240,000 in writing fees alone.And if you have just “average” success with half of them … royalties could put an additional $100,000 to $300,000 in your pocket!That’s between $130,000 and $540,000 a year – depending on how many letters you choose to write.Throw in one “blockbuster success” – and just watch those numbers explode higher.Did you ever think writing simple, personal letters like this one could be so lucrative?Neither did I until I met the gentleman you’ll meet now – the man who will be instrumental in helping you grab your share of the tremendous wealth you can earn by writing simple letters like this one.  “The Best Course on Copywriting … Ever” Robert Bly, author of 100 books on writing and marketing, including the best-selling Copywriter’s Handbook, said:“This is the best program on copywriting I have ever seen anywhere in any form. Anyone who wants to get into direct-response copywriting would benefit enormously from taking it.”(Bob’s so impressed with our program, in fact, that he agreed to sit on our Board and work with our members. We’re glad he did. He’s a member favorite at our copywriting get-togethers … and few people can teach you more about the direct-response business than Bob!)In fact, that’s one of the unique and amazing things about The Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting…Over the past 20 years AWAI has become the de facto “official” copywriting training organization for our industry.It’s because marketers have seen the success writers who’ve taken our “Six-Figure” program have within their own organizations and with their competitors.Which is why when top marketers and copy chiefs are looking for new copywriters, the first place many of them call is AWAI.They know that we’re a company founded and run by “working copywriters” — professionals who are “out in industry” writing letters for major companies each and every day…And that we’re constantly gathering up all the best, the latest and most relevant writing techniques … and incorporating them into our “Six-Figure” program.As a result, AWAI – and the programs we create — have become something of a “storehouse” for all the world’s most powerful copywriting secrets…That’s why, if you’re looking to learn a powerful, income-generating skill that will last you a lifetime – AWAI is the organization to align yourself with…And the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting will give you every opportunity to succeed right away in this very exciting, highly lucrative business of letter writing. Right off the bat, you’ll be eased into the life of a copywriter.You’ll learn what the copywriting business is all about … what you’ll need to get started … what the industry expects from you (and what you can expect from it) … how you get paid … and more.You’ll learn how to write masterful headlines that grab your readers’ attention and force them to keep on reading.You’ll learn the four-part structure of every sales letter. Once you know it – and understand what each part must accomplish – it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks.You’ll learn the secret to a powerful lead – an opening so irresistible that your reader will want to buy what you’re selling after reading the first two pages.You’ll learn the secret of “The Four-Legged-Stool.” Use it faithfully and you’ll never write a bad letter.You’ll learn “The Architecture of Persuasion” – Mark’s innovative technique for knowing how every successful letter needs to be structured … and the surest way to lead your reader to the sale.You’ll learn how to “speak” directly to your reader … and show that you truly care about his or her worries, needs, and wants. It’s amazing how many letters don’t do this … and fail.You’ll learn how to critique your own work … and a “power-editing” technique that will guarantee your letter is the strongest it can be, time after time.You’ll learn the secret to creating powerful “bullet copy” … purposeful subheads … eye-catching envelope copy … and an order form that’s virtually assured to clinch the sale.Although professional artists will design your letters, you’ll learn the key elements of winning graphics – and the biggest design mistakes that can sabotage even the best copy.You’ll learn the one thing you can do to guarantee your first assignment with a major company. (This little trick for getting your foot in the door never, ever fails!)You’ll learn how to get yourself “seeded” … so you can see everything that’s mailing and know what’s working and what’s not.You’ll learn how to get on all the best industry mailing lists … so you’ll always know what’s “hot” in the mail … who’s hiring … and who the up-and-coming players are. (Will you be one of them?)You’ll learn all these and many, many more powerful writing secrets, selling techniques, and masterful insights into the art of persuasion … from some of the best copywriting minds in the business.One of my favorite techniques is something called “The Barstool test”.It’s all about writing the way you’d talk to a friend … over a drink … at a bar. Forget the big words, the flowery language … the dramatic prose …The barstool test is one of the most powerful secrets for writing great sales letters, because it ensures a strong, personal rapport with your reader.That’s why one of the first things you’ll learn when you take the AWAI program is to forget everything you’ve learned about traditional writing … and just write the way you’d talk to a friend about something you’re passionate about!What could be easier than that?Sales Page (More Info)Download Files Size: 240 MBDirect Download Links BelowIf some downloads are not working, please ask for a mirror link from me via chat or email.If this course helps you, please purchase it from original author, that would be nice from you. 

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